Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Start, Meager Progress

Hello again! I'm back with a new start (like I don't have enough) and some meager progress. This week I have the excuse of a minor cold though. I can't really stitch at all when I'm sick. I just sleep or stare at my computer for a few hours. I'm feeling better now though, so next week should be better. (Optimism! Yay!)

In the evenings, I've been stitching away on Cassiopeia, and I am totally in love with her! I have a new phone with a new camera that can't really capture her colors, but she is looking quite gorgeous, I must say:
So that's six days worth of stitching, though I was kind of sick for four of them. The chart is actually divided into quadrants, so I've decided to focus on the lower right quadrant and hopefully finish it this month. It's kind of tricky stitching as there are lots and lots of beads and a bit of confetti, but I'm getting through it. I've started stitching in some of those golden leaves she's holding, but most of those are actually beads as well. Hopefully next week I will start on the skin and stitch her arm. Can you kind of see the outline of her hand? :)

And yes, I had a new start as well, and of course, it's another HAED. This is actually the 18th HAED I've started, and I haven't finished any of them yet. :) I started it on the 6th because I have a thing with dates and I liked how March 6th is written out: 3-6-18 (cuz that's how we write it in America). Anyway, this is called Unusual Specimens, by Stephanie Law:
I've loved this design since I first saw it, but I almost talked myself out of starting it. I really really don't like insects of any type, and I'm actually afraid of bees (or anything that bites or stings) so it's kind of weird for me to want to stitch a giant bee. But those flowers at the bottom are so pretty, even if they're generating giant mutant bees, so I thought I'd give it a go. And so far, I'm really pleased with how the blues are stitching up.

This is my first project on Easy Count fabric (this is 25ct) and it took some getting used to. Those gray lines are tricky since they don't outline a 10x10 stitching square, just 10 threads on the fabric. That means that two sides of your 10x10 square are stitched along the gray thread, and two sides are stitched just inside those lines. So count carefully if you decide to use this fabric! Otherwise, I do like it. It's a bit stiffer than my usual evenweave, but not as stiff as the DMC Magic Guide. I picked this piece up from HAED as a remnant, but 123 Stitch has also started selling it, just fyi. :)

And now my Temperature charts! I think if I didn't post these every week, I would be tempted to stitch on something else and fall way behind. So here they are:
I got to stitch some nice blues and teals this week, very nice relaxing colors. This was also the first week I haven't used 959 since early January. That ornament stitches up super fast since it's just a repeating pattern. I've been toying with the idea of stitching that again for next year, but having a more limited palette, like all blues or something. Just an idea.

Ok, gotta get back to stitching. Until next time! ;)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Moon Indigo, page 11

Finally! I have a whole page finish on Moon Indigo:
This is page 11, totally complete. It has taken me an age to slog through all the confetti, but it's finally done, and she looks fabulous. :) Honestly, I started this page on June 11th last year and just finished it Feb. 28th! I don't know how many hours it took, but I did spend 30 days on this page when my usual is 20-25. Anyway, it's done, she's gorgeous, and I'm on to page 12!

Last week I spent my mornings on the Stitchrovia Quotes SAL, but all I've managed so far are a bunch of borders:
So I've got the main outer border stitched as far as I can within the q-snap, plus the border for my next quote, which is #8 in the series. I did manage a tiny start on the interior banner, but all the fun stuff will have to wait til next time.

As I mentioned, I'm digging Cassiopeia out of hiding this month. I only worked on her for 4 days in 2017, and never took a picture, but I did remember to take a pic after I'd worked on her a bit last Friday:
I'm into the tricky bit around her arm, by those golden leafy things she's holding. There are lots of beads in that area as well, so it's going to be full of gaps for a while, but I'm really happy to have her out again. Hopefully I can make a good bit of progress on her this month, despite the fact that overtime already seems to be happening. (ugh!)

I also had a happy surprise on my Temperature charts this week:
See it? It's yellow! And it's so bright! On Feb. 27th (my best friend's birthday) we hit 71° so I was finally able to stitch with 725, my first yellow. It seems we're finally moving away from all those purples and dark blues and into the teals and darker greens. Now I'm waiting for the first appearance of orange. :)

Well, the year seems to be zooming by but I'm still managing to stitch every day, even if only for 20 minutes. But every stitch counts! For February, I managed 11,146 stitches, so I'm up to 23,895 stitches for the year so far. I'm aiming for 10,000 a month, though I think I'd have to stitch 3 times that to make my crazy goals. :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful stitchy time, wherever you are and whatever you're working on. Until next time!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finish #2!

Hi guys! I'm back with my second finish of the year! Can you believe it? :)
This is a Lizzie Kate called When We Do. I stitched it for a friend's birthday in May, so I've got a while to find a frame for it. I'll likely have one custom made since the dimensions are so small. This was my February start for Stitch Maynia's Year of Starts. It took me just seven days to stitch, 7.5 hours total. I did make a counting error with one of the leaves on the rose, but I don't think I'll change it. (I'm so lazy!)

I have also finally, after much kicking and screaming whining and complaining, managed to finish my teensy tiny partial page for Euphoria:
That little point is the beginning of a leaf. I really wanted to stitch the next page where the rest of that leaf lives, but I just couldn't get my mojo going on her this year, so I've put her away for now. Next time! That leaf will appear! I know it's a lot of mindless pink, but there actually is a slight color change toward the top of the page, like an ombre into a slightly lighter pink. It's working up toward her shoulder, and eventually to that large trumpet flower there. But alas, that is far, far in the future. Still, looking ahead gives me impetus for the present. :)

Since I was struggling so long with Euphoria, that put me off track on Luna as well, so I'm still shy a page finish there. Hopefully that will change in the next few days. (I'm sure it will.) This next week will be difficult at work though. I've been expecting to train a few co-workers on our new program for a while now. Friday, I found out I have to give three or four separate classes, stretched across three or four days next week. Talking for several hours is not my norm and it tends to wear me out, so I hope I'm not too tired in the evenings to stitch.

For March, Stitch Maynia is having a mythology stitch along. So of course, I have to stitch on Cassiopeia! I've missed her so much, so I'll be happy to get her out again. It's really shameful how long these projects are taking me!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with my Temperature SAL charts. Can you see the new color?
Yay, it's yellow-green! We saw the highest temperature of the year so far (66) right before three days of ice, sleet, rain, and ice. But I was glad to stitch with something a little different. I also got to start a new round on the ornament. It's really starting to grow! :)

That's all I got for this week. Until next time, happy stitching!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Year of Starts

Yesterday I spent a couple hours driving around and panicking because I had a nail in my tire and that yellow warning light on the dashboard really freaks me out. Went to the dealership, they said it wasn't covered in my warranty, but if I came back in two days, they could order a tire which would take a few more days. So I drove down the street to another place I know and had a new tire in 20 minutes. :) Easily dealt with, but the loss to my stitching time was sorely missed. Then several hours later, a friend just had to text me a clip of the very juvenile cheerleader movie she was watching (she's my friend, I can judge her tastes all I want). The clip featured that old 80s song, Mickey, by Toni Basil, but redone horribly (in my opinion). That was followed by a half hour of texting each other random lyrics and lots of laughter. And that's pretty much what my week has been like. Lots of stress, but lots of silly stuff that makes life fun.

As for stitching, I haven't gotten nearly enough done, at least not as much as I'd hoped. I'm still stalling on Euphoria, though working late three nights this week didn't help. Right now I'm struggling to finish a tiny little partial page that I thought would take me just a few days. It's disappointing, but I'm not stressing about it. I just wish I could find a better balance between work and stitching.

One project I did get some progress on was Blood, aka my Most Boring Wip (at least to look at). Last year was so crazy I never took a picture of my progress, but I did finish page two last October. This week I got a good chunk of page 3 done, almost halfway:
I always make a mess of the threads, but you get the idea. A bit of page 1 is covered by the frame, but most of it is there. Page 3 is just shy of the halfway mark for the row. I didn't notice until posting this pic, but I think I've got my first barely-there tendril of smoke curling up in page 2. :)

And, since today is the 18th, I got to start something new! This one is a Lizzie Kate design, called When We Do. I've only just started the tops of the W:
This is one of her "Boxer" kits, so it came with the fabric but not the threads. I really wish that was the other way around, but oh well. The included fabric is pretty bad, as in very stiff and scratchy. It's probably Wichelt, but didn't say. But getting the needle through the fabric has been a bit challenging, and very hard on my hands. I'm going to stick with it though, since it's so small. This is meant to be a gift for a friend in May, so I'll have to finish it pretty soon.

Are you tired of seeing my Temperature SAL updates yet? I still love watching them grow. :)
Almost done with another round on the ornament! It's surprising how often the 50-54 range is popping up. I've got 959 for those temps, and it seems pretty prevalent to me. This week started at 22, then warmed to 64, then down to 36 the next day. Last year, we hit 80°F on Feb 22. This year, I'm still waiting to see my first yellow (70°).

Well, guess I should stop rambling now and get to stitching. Until next time!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Quotes, Part 7

Not a whole lot to show this week, but I did manage to finish another quote for the Stitchrovia SAL:
This one was pretty simple, and I actually like it a lot. The cream shadowing on "Better" is a bit too light, but I didn't care enough to change the color. I have seen some awesome color conversions for this project, but I'm just too lazy to deal with the extra hassle. I just want to stitch! I was glad to get another piece of the border done as well. It's such easy stitching, but it takes a while. Had to move the q-snap, so here is what the whole thing looks like so far:
Just three more to go! I still think it will take me through September though.

It's been kind of an off week for my stitching. Work has been tough -- I've been training the latest batch of new people, and learning a new program besides -- so I was actually too tired to stitch for a couple evenings. I do have Euphoria on my stand, but it took me a few nights to get to know her again, so progress has been slow. I'm getting there though. :)

I did manage to work on my Temperature SAL charts, as usual. The weather has been all over the place, which is also as usual. The lowest temp this week was 19, the highest was 53:
My little ornament is really growing! And I like how the striping is developing on my chart. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the different colors fill in. :)

That's all for this week, short and sweet. Until next time!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Finish!

Hi all! I'm back with my first finish of the year! :)

January was pretty good for me stitching wise. I managed to stitch every day, worked on 10 projects, and did 12,749 stitches. I've done more in years past, but I still think I'm off to a good start.

This week I worked a bit on Frosty Forest and managed to finish another block. This is actually the first block in the series (I started with the second) called Frosty Reindeer:
My french knots could use a bit of work, but I think they're ok. I can do them really well on aida, but on linen, I feel like I'm forced to go through a different hole, and they always end up a bit wonky. Guess I'll just have to practice. And yes, I left that big empty space in the middle for the button, which will be added when all the blocks are done.

I also managed a few more days on Morning Glory at the end of January:
I feel kind of silly now thinking I could finish her in a month, but it's good to have goals, right? I am still not done with the dress, and I found a counting error in the right leafy thing she's holding; but you can't tell, so I'm not worried about it. :)

And here is another week on my Temperature SAL charts:
January is all done, plus the first two days of February. The average temperature for January was 37.4, so I stitched in the month on my chart with the corresponding color. I really like how both charts are turning out so far. I just hope I can keep up with this throughout the year.

For February, I've pulled out Euphoria, hoping to get a couple more pages stitched. I didn't get to her at all last year, so it's kind of nostalgic working on her again. Next week I'll be working on my Quotes SAL again, trying to finish up #7. So, until next time, happy stitching!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Luna Makes her Appearance

Hi all! I've made some good progress this week, and have hit a milestone with Moon Indigo. So should I show her first? I think I will! :)

My goal with Moon Indigo is to finish two columns a month (1900 stitches). This month I managed about 2200 stitches, and I finished her face!! I am so happy to be done with all that confetti, but I am more pleased to have her whole face done. She's kind of doing that emo look to the side (like, finish my hair already, gah!) but she is really beautiful. Sometimes I see her from across the room and I'm like, Wow! Hopefully the stitching will be a bit easier and faster now that I'm on to simple sky and hair. Still shooting for a row finish this year:

For my morning stitching, I continued with Stars by The Drawn Thread, and managed to get the top third done:
I had so much fun doing all those little stars! And all those flowers too - they are Octagonal Leviathans, and threw me for a loop at first. But once I got the sequence down and learned to count properly, they were a breeze.
I didn't have the called for Dinky Dyes, so I subbed in Belle Soie Sister Scarlet. I've really enjoyed stitching this design, so it's hard to put away, but I'm also looking forward to the rest of my rotation. So next week it's on to Frosty Forest. :)

And of course, here are my updates on the Temperature SAL:
We've had some warmer weather this week, so it's into the greens. The darker green represents the low 60s. I'm wondering how soon I'll get to use a yellow, for the 70s. On the ornament, I'm starting a row of cute little hearts, and there is the first one in the top row. So cute! :)

That's all for now. Keep those needles smokin'!