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(Prepare to be overwhelmed!)

So, what does the stash of a chart collector look like? A stash that specializes in BAPs and IMPs? Well, you're about to find out! I've been collecting my larger charts since 2008, and somewhere along the line, I realized I wasn't just buying charts I wanted to stitch, but ones I simply wanted to own. I know it doesn't make sense to normal, sane, well-adjusted people, but to me, each chart is a work of art, and I take great pleasure in merely owning something so beautiful.

Of course, this page is perpetually incomplete. Thanks to the internet (and other blogs) I am constantly being exposed to new designers and designs, fueling a never ending wish list. I shall try to keep this up to date, though organizing it does present a challenge. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!

That's enough rambling, I suppose. On with the stash!


Golden Kite (60)




Still Life:


Heaven and Earth Designs (123)
Alphabetical by Artist:

Rachel Anderson

Jasmine Beckett Griffith

Jody Bergsma

Renee Biertempfel

Jonathon Bowser

Sara Butcher

Kinuko Y Craft

Marta Dahlig

Melanie Delon

Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonaldo

Meredith Dillman

Anna Dittman

Herbert Draper

Selena Fenech

Maxine Gadd

Jessica Galbreth

Michael Hayes

David Hoffrichter

Myka Jelina

Ching-Chou Kuik

Stephanie Pui Mun Law

Zindy Nielsen

Chris Ortega

Lisa Parker

David Penfound

Omar Rayyan

Adele Sessler

Annie Stegg

Aimee Stewart

Matt Stewart

Anne Stokes

Nadia Strelkina

Nene Thomas (retired)

Ruth Thompson

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

Christopher Vacher

Babette Vandenberg

Josephine Wall

Jacek Yerka

Gracjana Zielinska



Nene Thomas: (2)

Cuore e Batticuore: (2)

Other Patterns: (73)

Mirabilia/Nora Corbett

Lavender and Lace

Ink Circles

Sampler Cove

Northern Expressions

Long Dog Samplers



Rosewood Manor

Moira Blackburn

TA Smith Designs

The Drawn Thread

Little House Needleworks

Country Cottage Needleworks

Plum Street Samplers

Heartstring Samplery

Shakespeare's Peddler

Kathy Barrick

Blackbird Designs

Carriage House Samplings

Glendon Place

Joan Elliot

Everything Else

Kits: (31)

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