Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Not sure how I managed it, but yesterday I was able to finish the first set of pages on Pavonia, my oldest wip. The confetti on these pages was so heavy, for the last several sessions I was crawling along at about 35 stitches an hour, a far cry from my normal 100. The pace was grueling, but finally, it's done!
Pavonia, Feb. 10

Over a hundred variations of green, black, brown and gold. Here's a bit of a close up:
So much confetti!

My favorite parts are the bits of red mixed in with the gold. So pretty! The white spots in the middle are actually flaws from the original image, transferred onto the chart. Golden Kite is nothing if not meticulous about detail. I thought about changing the colors, but I rather like the idea of having those faded, "scratched" parts in there. I hope it'll make it feel more like a painting when it's all finished. But maybe that's just a bit of whimsy. :)

Overall, you can see how much I still have to go. It looks a bit daunting, actually.
The big picture
She's 10 pages across, so 9 more to go... Her left eye will appear on the third page, which I should reach sometime late autumn (a long time, I know). I really can't wait to get there, but it might be kinda creepy with her peering at me like that. More incentive to get her fully stitched I guess!

Until next time. Keep stitching and smiling!

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