Sunday, July 26, 2015

Page Finish!

Yes, today I am dancing the funky chicken, because I have finally finished page 2 of Scale! :D This last week of stitching has really been an uphill battle though. The lower lashes of her eye were really confetti heavy, and I wasn't sure I could finish today. But I persevered, and here she is!
Second page complete!
I can already see the shadowy outlines of the fish by her temple. It was really tempting to continue into page three, but I've got some other stitching that has to be done to meet my goals for this year, so she will have to say adieu until 2016.

Next up, I'll be putting my IMP on the frame: My Favorite Bird. I've kind of squandered what should have been her stitching time this year, but hopefully I can at least get one more page done for the year, again, the second page for the project. (Sheesh, I started a lot of wips last year!) It should be a quick stitch though, if boring to look at. The next page is almost all one color. :-/

Only five months left in the year! Are you meeting all your stitchy goals? ;)


  1. Stunning progress! Such a beautiful eye:) I admire your patience with these huge projects!

  2. Gorgeous. Love the colours in this one.