Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Update? So Soon!?

Hi all!

Just had to do a quick update, because I have finally finished my fourth page on Scale! So happy to have all that white done. Here's how she looks:
I wish I could say I was done with all the swaths of white stitching, but there's more on the pages beneath, though not quite as much. I was actually sad to put her away, but I think it's for the best. I've met my goal on her this year, and I want to spread the love to my other wips before I'm occupied with moving and unpacking. Next year I'll start the two pages beneath these and work on her lips. Lots of color there! :)

I've also managed to get a bit of progress going on Flora, which I haven't touched since August. I worked on her 4 days last week, and it's already made a difference:
I've finished the yellow flower and the berries (cranberries? holly berries? I dunno.) and some leaves in the middle. I'm almost done with the grapes and the rose. Then there's a bit of her shawl and the bottom of her elbow, and a bunch of easy background on the left, and this page will be done! Hopefully I can accomplish that very soon. The end of the month maybe?

Today I pulled out Luna for the first time in a long while. I've really missed my rotation, and it felt really good to get some stitches in her, though it was only about 300. I'm not sure if I want to use the rest of the year to catch up on some of my goals (Cassiopeia and Kabuki are really close) or if I should relax and enjoy what little stitching time I have for the moment and stitch on whatever screams at me. (Probably a bit of both.)

Have you started planning for 2017 stitching? :) I did a bit of "shopping" in my stash and pulled the charts I really want to start next year. I know I have somewhere around 25 wips going at the moment (crazy!) but so many are screaming at me, I thought a few more wouldn't hurt. I was trying to be conservative, but somehow I ended up with 33 charts waiting to be started! I blame Floss Tube and Facebook for enabling me, but the designs are so wonderful, I'm not complaining too loud. I may whittle down my list, but here's a few that I definitely want to start:
I hope to start Angel of Grace on New Years Day. I bought my first piece of hand dyed fabric just for her, though it turned out a little darker than I hoped. I want to test the darker reds and greens to be sure it's okay, but I think it will be fine. I wanted something to really show off the skirt and wings, and those colors looked great in a floss toss. As for which fabric I'm using? That will have to be a surprise! :)

That's all for now. I'd like to hear which charts you can't wait to start. Until next time!


  1. Great progress and it's nice to see Flora again! I debated getting her and Fauna, but I just haven't done it yet.

  2. "So soon?" was exactly my thought when I saw this post, since I just commented on the one before :D

    Anyway, great work on Flora and Scale, they both look amazing! The berries on Flora look so real! (Lately I found myself thinking about stitching a still life with fruits)

    I love your stitching plans =) I am already busy kitting my things up, I just need some more fabric and card bobbins and a few skeins of dmc (mostly 3781 - since I managed to order 3787 instead... silly me...) So far I am planning 3 r 4 new starts, but we will see how many that will be...

  3. Great work on these two large projects. I am going back to fewer WIPs and more larger projects myself. I have two BAPs I want to focus on next year and 15 other projects for my "17 in '17" annual challenge (it goes up by one every year, I started with "11 in '11"

  4. Scale looks lovely and it will be great to see her bright lips next year. Exciting to already be thinking about the new starts for next year, I confess I am still trying to keep the number fairly low and only sub in new starts when I have a finish. We will see how long it lasts as I have been eyeing the Angel of Grace and the Angel of Love patterns. I hope you will build another collage of wips so we can see all the patterns together.

  5. Scale looks amazing! I love the HAED Jupiter chart. It will be ages before I get around to starting it. I cannot wait to see your progress on that one.