Sunday, April 22, 2018

Year of Starts #4

Hi all! This week has been sort of a hodgepodge of things. I worked on a bunch of projects, but didn't make any significant progress on any of them. But I'll still show some pictures. :)

I spent another couple mornings on the Quotes SAL, and I do feel like I made a good start on the next quote:
There's a lot of backstitch in this one, so it doesn't look like much yet, but I'll get there.

Wednesday, I began the next project in my Year of Starts lineup. This is A Stitcher's Prayer by Little House Needleworks:
That leafy border is pretty, but it's a lot of stopping and starting, so I didn't get very far. Still, you can see where things are going to be. I've started the lady's dress, and got one whole word in! I'm taking a few days off work, but this will be my morning project for the rest of the month, so maybe I can get half of it done? That's the goal anyway.

My evening stitching has not been very orderly this week. I only stitched for three days, and had a different project each day. And I didn't stitch on Pastoral at all! But I did get some stitching done on a newer start, so I thought I'd share. This is Cirque des Coeurs, by Ink Circles (I know you all know this one) which I started on March 3rd. I've worked on this for 4 days now, and managed to complete my first full heart:
I'm stitching this on 36ct Smoky White Edinburgh. It's one of those painted fabrics, so it's only shaded on one side. I have another painted fabric that's really stiff and icky, but this one isn't bad. It's actually pretty soft. I've had this kitted for maybe 5 years at least, and I was just tired of putting it off. I tend to pick it up when I'm really tired but still want to stitch. The one color thing really helps. I'm using GAST Espresso Bean, which probably isn't what I'd pick to stitch with now (it's not variegated enough) but it's what I bought 5 or so years ago so I'm going with it.

And somehow, I'm still managing to keep up with my Temperature SAL:
This has been such an unusual April! But we finally seem to be free of the snow (only rain this Sunday). They're forecasting all greens next week (60s) but I'm hoping to see some yellow again soon. :)

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