Sunday, September 20, 2015

September IHSW

Hello to all and welcome! Man, September is really flying by. IHSW is already over, and I have an official new start to show off. Yes, Cassiopeia has been on the frame for three whole days and I am thrilled to finally be working on her. I wasn't able to get as much done as I'd wanted, thanks to a quilt I'm working on for a friend, but I did manage a bit. So how 'bout a look?
Cassiopeia, Sept. 20
I've started at the bottom left hand corner, skipping over the border and going straight for that beautiful dress. I just couldn't resist all those deep teal greens and blues. So gorgeous! There is a lot of dress on this girl, so I'll be working on it for quite a while. At the moment, there are lots of big blocks of color, so it's working up pretty quickly. My total for this weekend is 1,159 stitches. I'll be sticking with Cass at least another week, then it's back to Luna to finish off page 5. Alas, all of my ladies are so demanding...

Until next time!


  1. Great start! Now you just have to add her to your other ladies on the left :)

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  4. hi there, Im having a hard time being able to follow your blog, the "Join this Site" button doesnt seem to be working :(

  5. Ditto re the Join this site button, Angela, however at least we can comment! It looks like you made great progress on Cassiopeia.