Sunday, April 17, 2016

April IHSW

IHSW! Yay! My favorite excuse for stitching all weekend. :)

Since I just started Crystals and Crows last weekend, I figured I'd keep working on it for IHSW. Most of the larger blocks of color have been filled in (though there are a couple more toward the bottom right) so the color changes are really starting to slow me down. Still, it is slowly filling in and trying to look like something. I seem to be outlining more leaves and stems, but it will be a while before I get through all those colors. Here's before, with 12 colors done, and after, with 29 colors done (out of 95!):
Somehow even with my tablet helping me, I'm still being plagued by ninja stitches. Must be a special talent of mine. :) But it is coming along, and I'm happy with the progress. Now to check in on my fellow hermiters!

Until next time!


  1. Way to go! 17 colors added. Beautiful work!

  2. Wow what a detailed piece this is going to be with such rich colours. Are you going to go row by row or are you planning to work in columns?

    1. I'll probably work wherever my whim takes me, rather than in a strict order. I've been debating which page to do next. Page 2 has lots of sky and easy stitching, but the page below the current one has lots of big leaves I'd love to stitch. Hard to decide when I want to do everything at once! :)

  3. That is excellent progress. Good use of your time.

  4. Wonderful stitching progress, my dear.

  5. How lovely =) 95 colors is a lot, but the result is going to be stunning =)