Monday, June 20, 2016

June WIPocalypse

Hi there!

Today is officially the first day of summer, but it's been over 90 degrees (F) here for about two weeks.Ugh! Looking over the projects I've worked on in the last month, it seems like a lot more time has passed since I stitched on them. I've been sooo busy at work, stuff I worked on four weeks ago feels more like two or three months ago. It kind of gives me that surreal feeling like time is going both really fast and really slow. But I guess the year is half over, or just about.

Let's see... I worked on Cass for a while, as she's nice easy stitching when I'm feeling stressed. Here's where I left her in March:
I managed to finish the bottom border and get to the edge of her dress plus the end of her couch, then I rolled her up and stitched a bit more:

I got some more green done on my Tigers, but couldn't quite finish all the leaves. It's pretty close though:

Flora started a new page, which is off to a good start:

I added a couple columns on Moon Indigo (I also did a parking demo with her if you're interested, just click the tab at the top):
I figure if I do just two columns a month on Luna, I'll get another 11,400 stitches done by the end of the year, which is about a page and a half. Not a bad total for just a little attention each month. :)

I also finally pulled out Scale for the first time this year, but only for  a few days so far. Last year I managed to get her massive eye done. This year, it'll be her massive nose:

And last but not least, I had a new start for my birthday (can't believe that was less than 4 weeks ago!). This is Ginger Nova from HAED:
I've got four columns of page one done (large format). Just a few more columns to finish the page (and my goal for the year) but I doubt I'll put her away after that. I really love stitching on her and watching those colors take shape into stars and light and space. I'd love to get into the orange of her inner halo, but we'll see. :)

Phew! Didn't realize I'd touched so many projects since last time. No wonder it feels like more than a month. My stitch total for May was 8,918 stitches, my lowest for the year, but I'm still really happy with that. For the year, I'm up to 67,475 stitches, which I think is awesome! My original goal was 90,000 stitches for the year, but now I want to see if I can break 100,000, which is something I always thought would be impossible. But I am definitely going to give it a try. :)

This month's question is: Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

I am definitely a winter stitcher. I know in January, I'm all excited about the new year and new goals, which always motivates me well into February. Then in late March, the seasons change, I start my spring cleaning, work gets busier, I go out shopping more, etc., and my stitching mojo gradually diminishes. Usually by May, I'm lucky to be doing any stitching at all (though this year might have turned the tide on that). June and July are usually so hot and awful, everything takes so much more energy and time gets away from me. Then by August, I'm trying to play catch up, and by September I settle down and try to finish up my more important goals. I usually hit my stride by October, then stitch like mad 'til the end of the year to finish as much as possible, then start the whole thing over again.

 I know most people like stitching when the sun is bright, but there's something about stitching when it's dark out that makes it seem more cozy, like there's nothing else in the world outside my lamp and my stitching. It makes it easier to focus. I guess that's why I prefer stitching on a winter evening to summer. :)


  1. Always good to see the progress on others designs!!!! Beautiful work!!!!

  2. Nice to see the greenery is almost done on the tigers. That side has really filled out. And I am excited to see that giant nose take form. Hope it cools down a bit over there, I find this heat so exhausting.

  3. Lovely progress. I know what you mean about winter stitching. Last year for some reason I couldn't wait for our first snow storm so I can sit at home and stitch and I hate snow. Joke was on me, we had a very mild winter. Barely any snow at all lol.

  4. Great progress! You truly managed a lot and all your projects look so lovely =) I hope you wil stitch more than one page on Nova, I just love the colors on her =)
    I stitch more in winter, too. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a cup of tea and some stitching =)

  5. You have made such beautiful progress! I'm not sure, but would guess I am more of a winter stitcher. With the kids home in the summer, there is less time to stitch.

  6. You made so much progress! Love the teals on Cass. Ginger Nova is very cool! And those blues in Moon are so lovely.

  7. Excellent progress. I am a slow stitcher and I doubt ever get 8,000 stitches in one month. Maybe in a year.

  8. Beautiful progress I love all of your projects! I've never counted a month but I'm wondering if I could guesstimate from my blog posts...hmmm....