Sunday, June 5, 2016

Never enough time

Hi again! Can't believe it's June already!

Well, things are slowly calming down at work (at least for now) so my stitching is starting to pick up again. I've dabbled on a few projects this week with decent progress, though I hate to put any of these away (but other projects are beginning to scream!).

First, I pulled out my Tigers for some early morning stitching. I had hoped to have all the greenery done by now, but I've had to share stitching time with other things recently. I am tantalizingly close though.
I did manage to finish the bottom corner, and I'm starting to see the outline for the paw.

I was too tired/busy to switch to another project, so I continued a bit with Cass, though I only managed three more days on her. I did roll her up though, so now it's really hard to put her down as I just want to keep filling in those big blocks of color. It's a lot of simple stitching (which helps when your brain feels like mush from overwork) but it takes a lot of time, so I didn't get very far.
I stitched almost entirely in that same shade of light blue-green. (I call it the toothpaste color, as it's actually a blend that reminds me precisely of Colgate toothpaste. Ahh, minty freshness.)

I also got a couple more columns done on Ginger, who is coming along fabulously.
Just starting to define a couple of those light waves in the background, and it's so cool! I am a total astronomy buff, so I love that I'm actually stitching space, and the colors are so awesome. I'm also happy all those "stars" are turning out so well. There's a lot of color in those, and they're pretty fun to stitch.

Lastly, I did finally cave in and put a few stitches on Pastoral, though it doesn't look like much yet.
This is the river, just left of the woman's shoulder. This is a three strand blend, with two of the same blue plus a mid green, which I think gives the color a nice undertone. It'll be interesting to watch the textures in this one, as there are 1, 2, and 3 strand colors, with various blends and half stitches thrown in for good measure.

Also, about the floss: I looked at the box again, and it plainly said this was Anchor floss! I've only ever stitched with Anchor black, but it does not feel or look like what the kit came with. But it is really satiny and smooth and lays well, although the ends tended to fray and thin quite a bit with stitching. Also, this is a Premium Riolis kit, which may be why it is not their typical wool blend floss. I will try to post more about that later, perhaps next weekend if I can find some time to play with my new lovelies. :)

That's all I got for now. Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the warmer weather. :) Until next time!


  1. Nice to see the tigers growing steadily. The greenery is definitely coming out well. Also did you see the Contessa with Squid is now a pattern on HAED?

    1. Yes! I am so glad Contessa was charted. I would love to see someone start her. ;)

  2. Lovely progress on all your projects!

  3. Lovely stitching =) Thanks for sharing your experience with the Riolis kit, I didn't know that there was a premium line (the kits from the normal line are rather cheep here and I already wondered why this one is much more expensive).