Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's a Twofer!

Hi all!

Didn't have much to show last week, but now I have not one, but two page finishes to show off! :) I am super happy about these, since they are on my most confetti heavy projects.

First, Pavonia, who was very near a finish before WIPocalypse:
Her eye is completely finished! Love how this turned out, with all the subtle shading. Those shadows are so dark, it was hard to see anything for the longest time. But now it's perfect! It does look kind of odd, since there's no highlight in her eye (I'm too used to anime, I think) but that should look better once the full face is in -- many, many years from now. ;) I am happy to be out of the feathers for a while and have three pages of hair to look forward to, which is not quite so confetti heavy.

Next, I spent last week on Crystals and Crows, which hasn't been worked on since April. This one put up a real fight, but I managed to get the first page done:
Love how those branches turned out, and how they're twisting around each other. Those darker colors really brought the page into focus, and I can't wait to do more. It will probably be a while though. I'm heading across to page two next; after that, I may work down, as I really love all that foliage. And just a random bit of info: page one had 97 colors, out of the total 237. :)

What I did not make much progress on was my Tigers, which only got four days last week:
I had hoped to get much farther on the faces, but there is more stitching there than I realized. More confetti too, though it's not too bad. Though it's sometimes hard to see around all the backstitch lines (there are a ton!). And of course, all the white stitching around the eyes isn't showing up, but it's there. Don't think I'll manage a finish next month, but September for sure! :)

Now, about that WIPocalypse Olympic Challenge... I was undecided before, but now I am committed to give it a go. And I think I'll try the rotation challenge and the distance challenge, since I'm a bit behind on Scale, and she could use the attention. Since I'll be taking most of my rotation pieces to work with me, I might throw in a couple new starts (though I've already made a few this month). So you'll get to see all my smaller pieces that aren't in my normal rotation. Hopefully I can put in at least an hour on each every day. That should show some progress.

Not sure how I'll be updating, as I don't want to save them all for the end. Maybe weekly? Or every few days? How often would you all like to read my ramblings? ;)

Well, that's all for now. I'll be getting back to Flora next week, and she'll be the first of my Challenge wips. This should be lots of fun.

Until next time. Happy stitching!


  1. Nice to finish up two pages on your wips. I love pavonia's eye, so detailed. And the branches in crystals and crows have come through very clearly. That is a lot of colours for one page though. Please post as much as you can :). I always enjoy seeing beautiful pieces

  2. Lovely stitching =) I think Pavonias eye looks great, it's quite dark in the original artwork as well, so I think this will be absolutely fine when the rest of the face appears (and I am sure it will one day, I'll just sit here and wait for it ;-) ). Crystals and Crows look good as well, great work on finishing the first page. 97 colors is a lot and I am sure this means a lot of confetti, but the result is and will be amazing =)

  3. Lovely progress I hope the Olympic stitching is going well