Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July WIPocalypse

Hi everyone! I cannot believe July is almost over! Hope everyone is making good stitchy progress. :) Let's see what I've been up to this last month...

As always, Tigers got some love, and a good bit of progress:
All the greenery is finished!! Yay! I've really impressed myself with sticking to this every month. All I've got left are the faces, a few odd bits, and some backstitching. So maybe a finish by the end of August? (fingers crossed!)

Also a bit of progress on Flora, with lots more red:
Next time, I hope to finish up that flower at the bottom.

Scale was on the stand for a while, but progress is still slow, though I don't know why. I'm probably just missing all the fun colors from the upper pages:
It's hard to see my progress since there's a lot of white on white, but I am about halfway done with the current page.

Moon Indigo was out last week, and I managed a page finish!
I know it's boring, but I just love that blue background. This makes three completed pages so far this year (though the last two were partials). Next month I'll be starting page 9. :)

And finally, I've pulled out Pavonia, who is getting some much deserved attention. I managed to push through the worst bits of confetti on this page last month, so I've been stitching away on her skin, which has relatively large swaths of color:
Still a good deal of confetti to get through, but the end is in sight (at least for this page)!

My stitch total for June was 14,281, so my needle has indeed been quite busy. My total for the year so far is 81,756 stitches, a number which quite astounds me.

This month, our topic is to discuss our plans for the Olympic Challenge, or discuss our stitching so far this year.
I still have not decided if I'm doing the challenge, which means I probably won't -- but then again, I might. (indecision!) I would love to try and stitch on one project for a good while, but every time I choose one, the other projects start whining about favoritism. I've gotten into a good groove with my weekly rotation, and I don't want to mess with it. I've also thought about doing the rotation challenge, though that would involve taking smaller projects to work for my early morning sessions. This is still a possibility, since I could use it as an excuse to start a few patterns I recently got on Etsy... Hmm... I guess if I can get organized, I'll give it a go. :)

And, since the year is now more than half over, I think I'll do a quick check in with my goals for the year:

  • Moon Indigo: at least 3 pages              Complete!
  • Pavonia: 3 pages                               Almost done with 1 page
  • Scale: 2 pages                                  Halfway through 1 page
  • The Favorite Bird: 3 pages                  Complete!
  • Euphoria: 1 1/2 pages                        Complete!
  • Wisdom: 1 1/2 pages                         Finished one page
  • Flora: 3 pages                                   Finished one page
  • Madchen Am Strand: 4200 stitches       Complete!
  • Cassiopeia: 6000 stitches                    4500 done
  • Kabuki: 5600 stitches                         4445 done
  • Tigers: Finish                                    Almost there
  • White Queen: 1 page                          Not touched yet
  • Crystals and Crows: 1 page                 Almost there
  • Ginger Nova: 1 page                          Half page done

Not bad overall, Still some work to be done though. Guess I'd better get stitchin'. :) Until next time!


  1. You are busy lady, so many projects and not the easiest ones. Happy stitching ! Alice Margaux.

    1. Thanks Alice! I do like working multiple projects, as I have a sort of stitcher's ADD. But they are all so lovely, I can't help it! :)

  2. Glad to see you have worked on many of your goals for this year. Only the white queen has no work on her. Let us know if you decide to do the Olympic challenge.

    1. Thanks Rebekah. :) I'm saving White Queen for December, as last December did not go well with her. This way it will be a sort of "fresh start." I'm still thinking about the challenge, though the temptation of indulging in all my little projects for a bit is hard to resist. ;)

  3. Wow look at all the progress you are making, looks great!!!!!!

  4. Awesome progress! I can't do white on white lol that's why I mottle dye my fabrics even if they're full coverage :)

    1. Yeah, I don't buy white fabric anymore. But I still have a bunch in my stash... Have to plan those projects more carefully. ;)

  5. I love your projects. I totally understand about the green, I've had two projects with lots of green and knew if I didn't do it all at one time, it they would still be in my UFO pile. Congrats on getting so much accomplished. Can't wait to see your Tigers finished.

    1. Thanks Sandy! That green was definitely a challenge. So glad it's done! :)

  6. Gosh, that's a great amount for stitching for half a year! I think I did a total of 50 or so this year and thought I was doing quite good, but your progress is amazing :D I love to see Pavonias face appear, so beautiful =)

    1. Thanks Johanna! Though I think I've been stitching too much this year. My house is a mess! :O Full case of pro-craft-ination. :)

  7. I like your idea of setting page goals for each piece. That's a great way of keeping track of them all.

  8. I see a hint of the moon on Moon Indigo! The next page should be fun. Congrats on finishing the tiger greenery. The rest will go quicker, I think.