Sunday, March 4, 2018

Moon Indigo, page 11

Finally! I have a whole page finish on Moon Indigo:
This is page 11, totally complete. It has taken me an age to slog through all the confetti, but it's finally done, and she looks fabulous. :) Honestly, I started this page on June 11th last year and just finished it Feb. 28th! I don't know how many hours it took, but I did spend 30 days on this page when my usual is 20-25. Anyway, it's done, she's gorgeous, and I'm on to page 12!

Last week I spent my mornings on the Stitchrovia Quotes SAL, but all I've managed so far are a bunch of borders:
So I've got the main outer border stitched as far as I can within the q-snap, plus the border for my next quote, which is #8 in the series. I did manage a tiny start on the interior banner, but all the fun stuff will have to wait til next time.

As I mentioned, I'm digging Cassiopeia out of hiding this month. I only worked on her for 4 days in 2017, and never took a picture, but I did remember to take a pic after I'd worked on her a bit last Friday:
I'm into the tricky bit around her arm, by those golden leafy things she's holding. There are lots of beads in that area as well, so it's going to be full of gaps for a while, but I'm really happy to have her out again. Hopefully I can make a good bit of progress on her this month, despite the fact that overtime already seems to be happening. (ugh!)

I also had a happy surprise on my Temperature charts this week:
See it? It's yellow! And it's so bright! On Feb. 27th (my best friend's birthday) we hit 71° so I was finally able to stitch with 725, my first yellow. It seems we're finally moving away from all those purples and dark blues and into the teals and darker greens. Now I'm waiting for the first appearance of orange. :)

Well, the year seems to be zooming by but I'm still managing to stitch every day, even if only for 20 minutes. But every stitch counts! For February, I managed 11,146 stitches, so I'm up to 23,895 stitches for the year so far. I'm aiming for 10,000 a month, though I think I'd have to stitch 3 times that to make my crazy goals. :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful stitchy time, wherever you are and whatever you're working on. Until next time!


  1. Love your stitching. I have Cassiopeia, one day I will stitch her, love your progress and the face on moon indigo is so pretty

  2. Lunas face looks so beautiful, the confetti is totally worth it =)
    Cassiopeia is a gorgeous design, I'm looking forward to see your work on her =)