Sunday, March 18, 2018

Year of Starts #3

Last week I decided to carry on with Unusual Specimens since four days really doesn't satisfy for a rotation. I'm actually using this piece for the Stitch by the Numbers SAL in Full Coverage Fanatics on facebook, so I need to get to 2400 stitches this month. I haven't made an exact count, but I know I'm still a couple hundred short. But I am making some good progress:
Those wings are a confetti nightmare! I'm probably making it harder on myself trying to stitch pages one and two together, but page one is like 500 stitches, so whatever. I think I just started getting the hang of things on Friday, but now I'm putting it away for a while. I think I'll bring it out again in a week though, we'll see. It is kind of addictive. :)

I had a lot going on this week, including some cooking I did for a party at work (my first time doing that!) so I didn't give as much attention to Cassiopeia as I would have liked, but then I never do. I might have gotten more done, but stitching when I was too tired resulted in frogging about 50 stitches, and after that I had to go to bed. But here's my progress for this week:
Her dress (in this quadrant at least) is almost done. I've just got one more darker green and a little black motif, and voila! All those other gaps are for beads. Seriously. I've also gotten more done on the couch; that's the dark brown and the vertical part. It seems there's still so much to do on her, but I'm still hoping to finish this section this month. Wish me luck!

And yes, today is the 18th, so here is my new start for March:
This is the Virtue Sampler by Little House Needleworks. I think this chart is adorable! I like stitching houses, and trees, and words, and it's not too big, so maybe I can finish it this decade. I'm working on Limestone Belfast with all the called for threads, and there's only 9 colors. Just simple and sweet. :)

Okay, it's that time again:
This week we had our warmest day so far, 76°, so I got to stitch with my darker yellow, 742. That's just one shade away from my first orange. *sigh* I'll get there soon enough I suppose, and then I'll be whining for those greens again. :)

Next week  I'll keep working on my Virtue Sampler in the mornings and Luna in the evenings. I want to make some good progress on her this year, so that means working on her more than just on Sundays. So until next time, happy stitching! :)

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  1. Unusual Specimens looks amazing, the shading of those blue colors look so lovely, but I can very well imagine that it will take ages to go through all that confetti. The Virtue Sampler looks very lovely and I totally think you can finish it this century ;-) ;-) ;-)