Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monogamaynia Part 1

Hi guys! Just a quick update today. We're back on mandatory overtime at work so I didn't get much stitching done in the evenings (poor Wisdom!) but I have been stitching away every morning on my new start for Stitch Maynia. Since I'm just stitching on the same chart for 15 days, we're calling it "Monogamaynia." Anyway, here's my progress for the first six days:
Again, it's the Museum Celle 1826 Sampler by Permin. I'm stitching on 32ct Vintage Light Exemplar from Lakeside Linens using 2 strands of DMC 939. I don't know how many fabrics I bought and rejected trying to find the right one, but I think I'm really happy with this one. And I'm really loving this piece so far. That alphabet is so frilly and intricate, I keep seeing shapes in the letters. That A definitely looks like a butterfly. :)

I'm kind of intimidated by the big motifs to follow, so I'm just chipping away at them bit by bit. I find it helps to just focus on one blob of stitching, then see where my needle wants to go. When I look at the structure as a whole, it's like I get stage fright. I don't know where to start! But seeing what I have so far makes me really happy, even if I stitch a bit slowly.

And my Temperature charts have definitely warmed up this last week:
All that orange and yellow makes me think of candy corn, and I think it will be that way for a while. It seems this year is very boring temperature wise (last year was much more varied) but at least the weather is finally nice. I'm also glad to have another round on the ornament done, and the year is fully stitched in (2018!). The next round is hearts and fancy stars, and there might be some darker orange this week. :)

That's all I got for now. Hopefully this overtime will end soon and I can stitch more. Until then, happy stitching!


  1. Wonderful work on all your projects =) I'm curious to see how far you can get with the sampler in 15 days =)

  2. Wow I love your temperature charts. Winter has been pretty chilly for us in Oz so I'm happy you are coming into the warmer weather. The Sampler is beautiful. I love the the cursive writing too. And yep the A def looks like a butterfly.
    xo Alicia