Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tentacles for Christmas?

Christmas is over, so now I can share pics of these little cuties! These were made for a friend's granddaughter, who loves pink and purple, and apparently shares my love of tentacled sea creatures. They are so cute and easy, I'll probably be making more of these soon. (Pattern is by Ruby Submarine if you want one for yourself.)

Such a sweet family!
I also managed a little penguin for another friend's daughter, tho I couldn't make it as cute as the original. This was my first attempt at fair isle crochet, and I think it went pretty well, not as intimidating as I thought. I did have trouble keeping the tension loose, but it's something to work on. This pattern is by Melichrous.
That's all for my crochet goodies. I know the year is almost over, but I'm still hoping for a year end finish on Achoo! And I have brand new untouched fabric waiting in my q-snap stand, all ready for my New Year's start. Can't wait! ^_^

Until next time!

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