Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Goals and a Happy Dance!

It was too late to post yesterday, but I managed a finish for 2014. Here is Achoo!
Isn't he adorable?
Pardon the wrinkles, of course I had to take a photo the moment the last thread was cut. He's just too cute to resist!

Ok, onto 2015. Right now, I've got 7 wips going and another 6 or 7 waiting to be started this year (plus 3 UFOs). Here are the goals for my wips:

  • Pavonia: Sewing rotation will be every Sunday, with a goal of 16k stitches.
  • Moon Indigo: My focus piece this year. I want to at least finish pages 3-5, though a top row finish (pages 6-7) would be really nice. Goal is 20k stitches (or 34k for a row finish).
  • Favorite Bird: My darling IMP. Goal is a mere 3 pages, or 7800 stitches.
  • Scale: Finish page 2, 4500 stitches.
  • Madchen Am Strand: Finish pages 1 and 2, 4000 stitches.
  • Flora: Gonna try something new with this and take her to work. Goal is at least on page finish, 4500 stitches.
  • Green Fern Fairy: My New Years start. Goal is to have her completed by March 31.

Altogether, a total of about 65k stitches. I only managed about 44k for 2014, but I had a few distractions (*cough* art class *cough*).  This year I am very optimistic. =)

As for my new starts... I'm thinking of doing a big new start around every solstice, as it divides the year up neatly into quarters. So my first would be started in March, then June and September, then I'll probably wait til next New Years to start again. I've got a few little things I may pepper in along the way -- a stitch sampler and a couple by Ink Circles -- but those will be stitched as the urge arises. This year I just want to have fun!

I'll leave you with the first pic of my New Years start, Green Fern Fairy by Nora Corbett. I'd been waiting so long to start her, I spent most of the day stitching. Wish every day could be like that!

Wishing everyone luck on your new year and your new starts. Until next time!

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