Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Bit of Progress

Not much progress to show for the first full week of the year I'm afraid, but that won't stop me from rambling. ^_^ Actually, I didn't get any stitching done at home this week, as I have been bitten by the yarn bug. Last weekend I just could not get the idea of re-learning how to knit out of my head, so I after watching Youtube for an hour, I promptly started a new lace scarf, something I've never before attempted. Unfortunately, I am still as slow as ever, so progress pics will follow when I'm farther along. I've also been auditioning yarn for a crochet cable afghan I want to do, so my couch is covered with little swatches rather than floss. It's quite a change.

However, I have been stitching at work, as planned, and have made a bit of progress on Flora. I started at the bottom right, and have nearly completed to two partial pages there. Once I get the second partial page done, I'll move up to the first full page on the right, where her hand is. There are lots of colors in this piece, and she's fairly confetti heavy in places, but I think I can manage to get this set of pages done in a couple months. Not bad for spare time stitching.
My progress as of Jan. 8
And I can't forget about my New Year's start, Green Fern Fairy. Haven't touched her since last Saturday, but I'll be getting back to her this week, I hope. It really is a difference, going from HAEDs to this, which has such large blocks of color. It's kind of boring stitching, but my weekly stitch count loves it. ^_^
Green Fern Fairy, Jan. 3
I'm hoping to get back to Moon Indigo today, which is on her new millennium frame (awesome). It will be my first time stitching on the new frame, so there will be some adjustments, but I think it will be fun. Hope everyone is having a good year so far. Until next time!

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