Sunday, January 6, 2019

First Finishes!

Hi all! Hope you are having a great start to the new year! I am happy to report I haven't started anything yet this year (though there has been temptation) but I have managed my first finishes already! Yes, I have two, though you are probably tired of seeing them already. But now they're done! Here are my Temperature SAL projects for last year, all complete:
I really like how they turned out, but I have to say I'm very glad they're done. That was a lot of stitching! The last 4 days on the smaller chart were a bit grueling as each day was one full side, but I like how it frames the piece. We had a pretty warm December, almost as warm as November was, but I really prefer sunny and 50° to snowy and 18°. It still seems weird that last January was so cold, maybe because this January is so warm. This weekend it was 60°, as opposed to 30° last year. Again, the small chart is a freebie from Hetti on her blog.

I really like the idea of these temperature charts, but the execution is a bit monotonous, at least in stitching. If I ever try it again, I may use Stitchin Mommy's Temperature Garden, where each day is a petal. But I've also thought of doing a simple chart with colored pencils, which would be a lot faster and still fun.

This week, I've also been working on my 12 Days of Christmas from Jim Shore. I finished off the Turtle Doves in December, so I've made some pretty good progress on my French Hen:
Her head and tail are done, and her wing is almost complete, just missing a bit of red. I finished the outline of her body, but I'll fill it in next time. There are so many beads in this one, she's really going to shine when she's fully finished. But it's going away for now, so I'll finish her off in June.

Well, that's all for this week. Until next time! :)


  1. Congrats on your finish, lots of orange in your weather what temp is that? You must get a lot of the same weather mid year. I like your idea of doing your next one in pencils. Happy stitching!!

  2. It looks like I am once again a bit behind with reading blogs :D So brace yourself, long overdue comments are coming :D

    I love how the two temperature SALs turned out, every time I saw your progress I thought about doing one myself and now it's April (somehow) and I once more forgot to start one... Maybe in 2020!

    I also love your new start, I just love 12 Days of Christmas designs and the one you picked is extra pretty! I'm looking forward to see more =)