Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Stash!!

Now we come to my greatest weakness... Buying stash! I know I have too much already, but dangit, these were pretty!

First, some lovlies from Golden Kite. They were having another category sale last week, and it was on my favorite subject: ladies! By the way, for all those wanting to take the GK plunge but hesitant about the price, here's a tip: Save up, make a wish list and buy 3 charts at once. I know it's a lot, but it's the bestest way since you get 30% off when you do that. Plus, if they're already on sale (as my lovlies were) you can save a total of 55%! So it's like getting 3 charts for the price of 2. :) Ok, enough rambling about that (no, I didn't get paid for saying it). Here's the pics!

Portrait of a Young Woman

The Interruption
The first two were "surprise" purchases, meaning they haven't been on my wishlist for very long, but were screaming quite loudly to join my hoard collection. On Portrait, I just couldn't resist those deep blues set against the cream, plus her expression. She seems so naughty and sweet! She must be up to mischief. Lilacs is a calmer picture that makes me think of summer and more refined times, like drinking cold tea in the shade of a tree, or fresh sheets hanging outside to dry. It's that green-purple-yellow combination that got me. The Interruption just makes me laugh. I don't think she minds it much. Probably a boring book anyway. :)

The others you may recognize from my last post. After rhapsodizing about all those samplers, I ended up buying a few, and they just arrived today.
Museum Celle 1826
Dutch Beauty
St. Reatham

These are by Rosewood Manor, Permin, and Long Dog respectively. I would not be surprised if I try to buy all of Long Dog's designs, which is silly. I should save up for thread to stitch one instead. But they all fascinate me. Out of this lot, I will probably tackle Museum Celle first. I love all those intricate motifs and the subtle shading with the red.

Well, that's all for now. Progress has been slow on Scale, as I just realized I had sewn a section wrong and had to frog about 100 stitches. I guess I'm just looking forward to my new start on the 20th. :)

Until next time!

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